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Tile Flooring

Why Tile Your Home?

Having tile installed in your home offers a number of benefits. It's cooler. In order for something to feel cool it must take heat away from your skin quickly, otherwise your body transfers heat to the skin to keep it warm. Carpet is not a good conductor, but is a good insulator. Carpet does not conduct heat away from our skin very rapidly so it does not feel cold. Tile is not a good conductor either, but is a much better one than carpet. Floor tile conducts heat away from our feet rapidly and cools them down, thus it feels cooler. Allergies. If you suffer from allergies tile can offer relief as it doesn't trap dust particles. Cleaning. With a quick sweep and a damp mop tile looks great and feels clean. Granted there is some extra maintance in keeping the grout lines clean, but tile will last longer, it is stain resistant, and doesn't tear, rip, thin or break down over time. It's environmentally-friendly. Lots of our new tile contains a percentage of recycled materials.

Ceramic Tile   What Kind Of Tile Do I Need?
Is easy to clean, it’s resistant to stains, odors, and scratches.   If you are not sure about what kind of tile you should use contact us today. We have 20 + years of experience in the tile business and our expert, courteous staff is on hand to answer any questions you might have.
Porcelain Tile  
Is made from clay & minerals, it’s dense and water-resistant.  
Get the natural look of marble and travertine.  
Not only do we stock tile, and laminate flooring, but we also have remnants of sheet vinyl in all different sizes and styles. We also can special order any additional products of sheet vinyl and commercial vinyl tiles (VCT).